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The man behind Cheddar Models Ltd was  John Woodroofe.

John Woodroofe before becoming the Managing Director of “Cheddar Models Ltd” owned a compay called “Morewood Model Engineers” a company dedicated to boilermaking, from full size boilers for steam launches to model boilers, for model steam trains and model boats. You may see the company advertisements on “Model Engineering Magazine” during the '80. I have ordered quite a few boilers from John Woodroofe, and I have met him personally at the “Model Engineering Exhibition” in those years. I was introduced to him by John Hemmens who I knew very well. John Woodroofe had his Morewood stand at the exhibition and under the table which displayied his boilers he had a small barrel of apple cidre from which we filled and dranked quite a few glasses of cidre discussing of boilers: the connection Woodroofe-Hemmens is simple: Woodroofe was making the first batch of boilers for the new “Caton” Engine plants of John Hemmens.
In 1987, Stuart Turner Ltd acquired Morewood Model Engineers and the Stuart Model range moved to Cheddar in Somerset. Still branded as Stuart Models, it was a wholly owned subsidiary of Stuart Turner Ltd.
Cheddar Models Ltd was formed as an offshoot from Stuart Models in the late 1980s. .
The team consisted of several people including Tim and Ms Claire Tashimoviz (Company Secretary, from whom the famous Cheddar steam launch “Claire” was named), a bloke called Jerry Watson and a bloke called Ian (Mr Iain Louis Holland) who designed the engines and a few others.
The company Catalogues of those years illustrate very well the various beautiful engines, boilers, steam plants, accessories that the firm had been able to create: we could really say that innovation  had at last come in the domain of steam models, a monopoly strongly held by Stuart since then, notwithstanding their engine range never really updated: Cheddar, like “Marten Howes & Baylis”, had been able to create model engines like “Gemini” and “Proteus” with Maudslay reversing gear, beautiful boilers like that of the “Pegasus”, not to mention the first appearance of the Gas Tanks, and the “ABC” (Automatic Boiler Control) introducing for the first time electronics in a steam plant.
When John Woodroofe (Managing Director of Cheddar Models ) became ill, the factory manager did not have the authority required to cope with shareholders who wanted out and could not get resources for production or development. After John died the company's assets were sold off.
Cheddar Models was to cease trading on 5 July 2005.
All the assets and plans and stuff were sold to Stuart Turner (returning home you could say). And everything moved to Guernsey.

Tim and Claire went off on there own and formed the boilermakers firm called “Cheddar Valley Steam”.
When Cheddar was closed after Wooddruffe death, Jerry Watson had the good idea to set up a business starting from selling small spare parts for Cheddar engines: "Clevedon Steam" was created.
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