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Y2DR Horizontal

le Dim 1 Juil - 7:32
Machine bi-cylindre horizontale.
Cylindrée: 9cc
Piston 12mm x 12mm
Inversion Stephenson. Tiroirs plans
L:150mm x l: 12.5mm x H: 8.8mm
Poids 930 gr

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Date d'inscription : 30/06/2018
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Re: Y2DR Horizontal

le Dim 8 Juil - 14:35
This beautiful engine [being horizontal with inlet and exhaust ports on the top cylinder faces] lends itself to getting lost under lagged tube works and other ancillaries jocolor  ...

But this is true of all real ships engine rooms the engine in the bed then pipe all around after and on top if necessary...and even add a chain reduction gear set if needed


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